Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going Coastal- Day 14

I am having a little difficulty sleeping, due to the time change I think. It’s 3 hours difference between home and here. I’ve been waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning and haven’t been able to get back to sleep. This morning was no exception..5 a.m on the nose. Speaking of noses..while I’m laying there wide awake I get to listen to Dear Hubby’s snoring. Till this trip I didn’t realize it was so bad…OMG  now I know why sleep deprived wives commit murder.It was like staring in the movies…Sounds of the Wild. It started with a SNORE…T…the huge deep loud snore which abruptly stops and you hear nothing…you wait, hoping you hear breathing and just as you are going to check if he is still alive, he breaths. Then it was the “needs a new muffler” snore. You know the one that makes you want to take him right to the body shop for service. Then it was the “ Mac truck gearing down on a hill” snore. That one seems to go on forever, like you’re up in the Rockies (oh ya, we are) and the guy can’t seem to get it in the right gear. Then it was the “oscillating lawn sprinkler”…vut, vut, vut, vut, vut. Finally the  “plugged hoover vacuum” snore, the one that’s plugged with all your thread and pins from the sewing room.

I gently placed the pillow over his face and was about to press down when….I must have dozed off. Next thing I know he was waking me up, it was 8 a.m and he was asking how I slept! )&&%***_)&)&&%*%

We’ve finally made it to the coast…Beautiful Oregon. We are staying in a KOA in Newport, right on the water…magnificent. We had ever intention of using the tent today, even booked a tent site. Once we got to the campground, we caved and asked if they had a cabin…you guessed it, the tent remains in the box and we remain in the cabin! SAM_2687SAM_2689

On the way we did stop in Sweet Home and discovered a tiny little quilt shop called Seamingly Creative. The owner was so sweet, she asked if it was my first time in the shop and said that first timers get a free fat quarter. She had designed these cutie patootie  towel hangers for your stove that look like little dresses. So sweet. I had to buy one, and a cute pear pincushion as well .


We went for a fabulous dinner at a place the locals frequent in Waldport called The Salty Dawg. Delicious fish and chips, great local atmosphere, right on the bay…what a way to finish the day.


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