Sunday, July 8, 2012

Destination Oregon-Day 5 …

Well the heat wave has broken and it was a pleasant day to see sights across South Dakota. Last night we stayed in Sioux Falls and headed on our way again today. Dear Hubby and I posed for a pic at Sioux Falls.
A short distance out of  Sioux Falls is a Sculpture tourist attraction. I had reSAM_2134ad about it on the internet and had wanted to see it. Looked  promising from the road. You had to drive down a dirt road a mile or so when you came across the artwork, a trailer, an abandoned metal shed and a sign scribbled in paint that said tours $6. That was enough for dear hubby. His quote…”we’re out of here, we’ re in the middle of bum ____ no where, some psycho is gonna come out in a minute, with one eye and a wooden leg, and I’m not paying $12 bucks to see _____. “  It’s evident dear hubby  has no taste   for culture. We ventured on and stopped in Mitchell to see the Corn Palace and da da da da a quilt shop was only a few blocks down… called the Pin Cushion. 
I picked up a nice bag pattern and a quilting stencil. You could see the scenery change today from flat farmland, to rolling meadows and cattle ranches, then the Badlands. Finally you could see the mountains in the distance, very faintly, but they were there. We had fun at our final tourist trap site called Wall Drug. I’m riding a Jackalope, a cross between a rabbit and an antelope…and the legend lives on.

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