Monday, July 16, 2012

Destination Oregon- Day 13

Dear Hubby wanted to go to the gym this morning and asked if I could amuse myself for a couple of hours while he went. Silly Dear Hubby!  The hotel we are staying at is walking distant to one of the local quilt stores, Joann fabrics and an outlet mall. “ Gee, I’m gonna be hard-pressed but take your time”.  I was laughing all the way to the quilt store called BJ’s Quilt Basket. It was lovely having time to look around without that little voice saying…are you done yet.


We had booked 3 nights in Bend during the quilt show and today we spent the day trying to fill time enjoying the sights. We drove to Tumalo Falls which are quite beautiful. On the way there I’m reading the GPS and the road we’re travelling on is Bear Wallow Road. Now I want to really see these falls, but I’ll be damned if I’ll say to Dear Hubby, “maybe we should reconsider as I’m pretty confident that there are bears in them there woods”. Typically people don’t name roads after non existent things in the area, do they?  I’m just hoping it’s a technical error on the GPS. Surely to god, there can’t be bears in the mountains of Oregon..that would be ludicrous.  Much worry for nothing as the road leads right to the falls and there are all kinds of vehicles and people around, so you know…safety in numbers! It was definitely worth the drive. There was also a Summer Fest on in downtown Bend. We stopped and visited that for a bit as well as had a picnic lunch at a park close by. They have the most beautiful parks throughout the town here.


You know that if you are taking Dear Hubby to a Quilt show, it’s not all about the quilting! You have to let him have a bit of fun too. We both have been enjoying all the beer choices along the way. Some of the names are so comical, makes you want to try them all. These are just a few….Fat Tire, Snarling Badger, Moose Drool, 3 O'clock Shadow, Bitch Creek, Fat Weasel,  Black Toad ,Big Foot Ale, Jumping Cow,  Nice Rack and my personal favourite Pin Up. Just to clarify..we haven’t been drinking them ALL, drinking some, taking pics of most.



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  1. actually there are bears around girlfriend was running and ran into a bear above Tumalo Falls...both squealed and ran in the opposite directions of each other! LOL Glad you enjoyed the time give me a heads up and I'll give you a tour!