Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Destination Oregon Day 7

We took the Spearfish Canyon Loop drive to Deadwood SD and saw some amazing scenery. We spent the afternoon in Deadwood, an old gold mining town, now a tourist centre with lots of gambling. I think we lost $5 between us. We’re not great at gambling, plus it was much different than our casinos at home or in Vegas. They are very small with just a few machines and virtually empty.


From there we were off to Wyoming where the scenery changes yet again. There are very few trees and the land looks baron. We ran right into a huge thunderstorm as we travelled. You could see it approaching with huge lightening bolts. The rain was incredible with many travellers pulling off to the side of the road.  The picture shows it  as we travelled towards it.


We did stop in Gillette to visit a quilt store, however since it was Monday it was closed. I’m just not having much luck so far with finding many shops on route at the time we are traveling. It’s hit and miss. I just keep thinking that I will get my fill when I get to Sisters. SAM_2239

We are not however, having any difficulty finding beer for Dear Hubby. This is a Belgium beer that he found he liked and has been pounding  them back sampling a few. 

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