Saturday, July 14, 2012

Destination Oregon–Day 11

We’ll we have finally made it to Oregon and tomorrow is the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show. We are staying in Bend, about 20 miles from the event. We are actually lucky to be here as a couple of days ago they closed the highway from Mountain Home to Boise because of a fire along highway 84.  They said it was a traffic nightmare as that appears to be the only highway that crosses the state there. When we drove the route, all you could see for miles was burned brush and grass, everywhere you looked was black. We travelled from Idaho into Oregon and along route 20 through the valleys and deserts of Oregon. The distance was about 500 kilometers, and during that stretch we drove through about 2 towns, not even towns, they were villages.


You literally saw no buildings or people for hours at a time. Then miraculously,  as my husband would the middle of bum---- no where, in a small town called Burns, there’s  a quilt store….and a nice quilt store. It was so strange. The quilt store was called Country Lane Quilts. Nicely stocked, good selection of patterns and notions, rulers, with  lots of western fabric and patterns too. Believe it or not there slogan was “ Your Quilt Oasis in Oregon’s High Desert”…how true!

So, tomorrow I’m off to Sisters for the show, making sure that I have comfy shoes and a fully charged camera.


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