Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Destination Oregon–Day 8

We have finally hit the real mountains…amazing. We travelled from Wyoming, through Montana then into Yellowstone National Park. We are staying at a KOA cabin just outside the West Yellowstone Gate. We haven’t even pitched that blasted cool tent we bought. I know we will as we booked a few tent sites when we get to Oregon and Victoria BC .

 SAM_2260 I did manage to get to a quilt shop today in Billing Montana. It’s been difficult as the drives have been long and my co-pilot is anal  on  a strict schedule. A lovely little shop called Backdoor Quilts. One of the woman who worked there used to live and work in Sisters so she was telling us all about the quilt show…can’t wait.


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  1. Great pics, Leslie! I have been to a couple of the places you have been to like Yellow Stone park and Mount Rushmore. Thanks for triggering those memories. Love seeing the quilt stores along the way. Have a safe trip!