Monday, December 22, 2014

There is no Teacher's Pet

I just wanted to make this perfectly clear......there is no teacher's pet in any of my classes....
but omg look at this quilt block of Kelly's! I do however, want to give an honorable mention to Kelly's applique block.
This young woman, has never quilted before, never ever used a sewing machine, never sewn anything! She has done a fabulous job of her Flowers for the Teacher block. How appropriate that this is the name of the block, as she is not the teacher's pet.
She is an "80 year old quilting soul" trapped in a 20 something's body!
Mark my words, this young woman is destined for great things in the quilting world. She even changed up her centre block from the pattern to make  tulips instead of leaves.
I've created a monster, I hope her dear hubby has a great paying career! He's gonna need it.

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