Friday, December 26, 2014

So this is what retirement looks like?

You would never know that I'm supposedly retired. I reviewed the listing of the upcoming classes I'm teaching at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. for the spring session....OMG. I worked full time for a financial institution for 33 years and retired about 4 years ago. I've been teaching a few classes in the evenings periodically for the last few years at the local quilt store, more for the social aspect, than anything else. in reality it was to escape from Dear Hubby who is also retired. 
Look at the projects that I am working on getting samples completed for _*(@_*!_$*!_($+! and that's only the ones I don't have samples for. No wonder I fall into bed exhausted each night. 

Speaking of each night....I give Dear mom a call each evening...we joke that it's just to make sure she is still breathing. Truth be it, it's not a joke, it's the reality...she's 88 and I'm checking in to make sure all's good. So tonight I call and we get on the subject of Christmas and how wonderful everything, and everyone was. She asks me about the gift card that Dear daughter had given her and she doesn't know what the card is for? She says it says JC on it and she's never heard of that. 
In my mind I'm thinking..JC JC JC...."mom what else does the card say on it" ..."it says this gift card is not a credit or debit card but constitutes a prepayment on the cost of purchases at participating stores, No cash back for unused balance. Card balance will be printed on your receipt at each use. Or ask at customer service desk or by calling 1-866-443-8422. Receipt required for returns of purchases made with card. Redeemable for anything at participating stores. Card cannot be used at third party businesses in participating stores or prohibited by law. Void if altered, damaged or defaced"....OMG "No Mom, what does it look like, what's on the front"....."well there's a picture of cookies and it says A Gift for you and that JC thing"......then it hits's not JC it's PC.....President's Choice! *)_)*_)&!*+!*$+!)($..."OK Mom it's to PC, you know Presidents Choice, the Superstore"...."Oh, now I see it's PC...can I use it at Sobey's"...._(!_$(|_(+|(@!+$(!+($+!_(@+$(!+@_($+!(+ 
God help me!
In the next breath she tells me that they had big boxes of teabags on for 4.99 a box. She picked up 2 as that's a really good deal. She kept her receipt and she checked it when she got home to find the girls charged her $4.99 for one and $10.99 for the other. She says she always checks her receipt as they are always overcharging. She checked the flyer and it doesn't say that there is a limit as to how many you can buy at 4.99, so tomorrow she's taking the receipt, the flyer and the 2 boxes of teabags back to have them fix it! 
I have a feeling somebody's getting an ass kicking tomorrow!
Bless her heart.

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