Friday, December 12, 2014

Reindeer Fun

 I hadn't seen my grandsons for a week and I wanted a special treat for them when they came to visit...I know my grandsons and when I saw these little guys I knew they would love them and think they were hilarious.
 Though they looked like Blitzen and Cupid they were more like Blitzed and Stupid.....

You push on their tails and little reindeer candy poop appears while their antlers blink with lights and a little song is played. The boys laughed and laughed... the reindeer poop dropped from their rear ends into the little pot. LOL
Only little boys would find the humour in that. The one little reindeer malfunctioned and even though you pressed his tail, no candy poop appeared.
After about 5 tries, my daughter explained that they must be constipated and needed more fibre....OMG, way too much information.

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