Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sew Thankful for Sew Sisters


It’s wonderful to have such great people to work for, work with and have as great friends. This is the team from Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. at our annual Christmas dinner hosted by Michelle and Jane. There is Liz, Amy, Michelle, Gloria, Moi, Jane and Marg…Sylvia and Sharon were m.i.a.

We had a wonderful dinner at Cafe Amore…delicious. We had wonderful wine, wonderful chit chat, wonderful desserts and a sharing of some special gifts.

Michelle, bless her heart….she owns and runs the store, has two grown daughters, 2 young (under the age of ten) sons, a new grandson, a hubby…and she asks me how I get things done…takes the time to make each of us a travelling quilt tote complete with a small cutting board and a little press area.


Gloria, Jane  and Sylvia were thoughtful with their Peach preserves(which I love), Wine glass centerpiece and a thread candle.


Thanks Sew Sisters for making it such a wonderful evening.

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