Friday, December 19, 2014

A Different kind of Star Pupil

I am very impressed with my latest Beginner class. They have completed their third  block in series
of five and everyone is doing fabulous. This block is called Star Pupil. Bethany, Kelly, Wilson Ashley, Diane and Kaley...well done
It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.....I had been having problems with my Keurig not brewing properly. I had tried to follow the descaling instructions, looked at troubleshooting on their site with no avail. The liquid was still just trickling out like a mid-stream urine sample from an 80 year old.  The students in my class are all young 20 somethings, who all have the latest gadgets and knowledge, so I asked the group if anyone could provide insight into the dilemma. Ashley was quick to respond that she had similar problems and when all else failed she threw the damn thing against the wall slammed the coffee maker on the counter. She claimed that it did the trick and worked better than ever.
No word of a lie, out of sheer frustration, I went home, gave the re-scaling one last attempt and when that failed to give me the results I wanted I resorted to Ashley's suggestion and slammed the Keurig on the counter, before throwing it is the garbage. I'm a die hard, so one last push of the blue, fill-er-up button and didn't the damn thing work. INCREDIBLE!
Ashley, in our recent conversations, I just want to bring it to your attention that you may have anger management issues...just saying! Anyway, I'm totally indebted to you for the tip.

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