Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pretty little maidens all in a row


There was tons of prep for Dear Eldest Daughter’s wedding…was that really over a month ago already.

I had these pew bows hanging up in the family room for weeks before the wedding. all beautifully steamed, all ready to be taken to the church and draped around the pews.

I found these little candle wreaths which I used as decorative trim and they matched the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly.

I could go on to tell you the night I lost my shit cool when Dear Eldest Daughter decided she would start packing and with a huge storage bin in hand tried to dodge the hanging bows and let’s just say the bin won out. Down came all the bows, that had been painstakingly hung on a rod, painstakingly steamed, painstakingly measured and trimmed……

I heard the ruckus and came in to find Dear Eldest Daughter sitting on the floor covered in layers of crumpled tulle….about to burst into tears.

Now any mother knows that you do not screw with Bridezilla a week before her wedding, so very diplomatically I said…”oh honey are you OK?….let me help you…”

NOT…I can’t tell you the exact verbiage that came out of my mouth, let’s just say Dear Eldest Daughter was ready to pack up and leave that exact night. What are the chances that you would walk by the hanging bows, with a bin and manage to hit a hole in one! Our family room is huge! It would never happen again in a million years!

It’s all good…It’s all good…see they recuperated and so did I and they looked gorgeous at the church. **_*_)$*_!&*$_!_*$!_)

church pew

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