Thursday, June 5, 2014

It’ a start

Dear Eldest Daughter just got married and for her shower I made her this cute little vintage looking apron with a cute little scalloped edge.  Her hubby is a huge tractor fanatic, even has his own, and this fabric called Oink a doodle moo from Moda was perfect.  The pattern was from Simplicity and offered several variations.
I thought it would be a good start and incentive for her to get in the kitchen and cook. I have a feeling she will get a rude awakening now that she is married….when she lived at home she rarely ever cooked, probably as I always did, and I don’t believe she even saw the inside of a dishwasher let alone an oven. The only thing she seemed to know how to open was a bottle of wine. My sister made her a really sweet apron as well that said “I kiss better than I cook”  ….at least she has something to fall back on.   Good luck sweetheart!

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