Friday, June 20, 2014

Further Distractions

Did I mention I made my daughter’s bouquet?


Dear Eldest Daughter requested a brooch bouquet. We collected her favourite pieces for months on end and then paired them with off white silk peonies. We had her favourites….a K for Kyle, a blue Eiffel tower(as she needed something blue), a classic high heeled shoe, and her favourite…her westie. I even hand sewed bling letters onto the handle which spelled  “I DO”.


The wedding invitations were crafted from the bride and groom’s suggestions and the church programs included their engagement picture.  If I see another paper cutter, it will be too soon.


Dear Eldest Daughter looked amazing in her classic, traditional wedding gown. She was adamant that she did not want a strapless and her choice looked stunning on her.  We had a beautiful sunny day, even after days of threatening weather.


I love this picture of her just about to leave for the church…angelic, which I can guarantee you she is not…remember the church pew bows story!…..they look no worse for wear.


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