Monday, March 4, 2013

Who gives a Hoot


I DO!…….I was trying to resist this BOM offered by . I had been to the site several times and was debating starting another BOM but just couldn’t bring myself to take another one on this year. I think I’m working on ( Crazy Dogs, I love Sewing, Apples of Gold, Vintage Outfits plus still trying to complete Raspberry Rabbits and Bunny Hill previously offered BOM from last year)  lots.

Well that went for a shit to hell in a hand basket once I saw the little cutie that had done.

He was adorable…..and I tried and tried as hard as I could to resist….then I caved.

I did struggle a bit with the pieced border part of the block,picked it out at least 3 times then finally figured it out.

The pattern is called Who Knows and this little guy is named Borachio.

I’m hooked!



  1. He looks great! Can't tell you picked out anything!

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love your owl !

  3. Love your owl. I have just started this bom. I love all the BOMs you have done or started. I will be doing more than one this year because I can't choose :)