Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Worst Time of the Year



It’s dreaded tax season again…why can’t tax season be like other seasons?  Snow…falling leaves, daffodils blooming, summer heat….no, it’s in a class all it’s own!

It’s worse because  I own my own business, and it’s worse because I don’t keep myself organized throughout the year. I have good intentions once I complete the required paperwork. Every year I keep saying “OMG Next year I’m not doing this again, I’m going to keep on it weekly and monthly”….but I never do and then it’s the season again and I’m swamped with a million bits and pieces of paper and receipts trying to make heads and tails of things I bought and did a year ago. I have all the tools, I have the excel spreadsheets right on my computer…I could just input things daily, weekly or monthly and be up to date with everything….but I don’t and now I pay for it! more ways than one.  This pile looks neat, cause it’s the finished product…you should have seen the dining room table yesterday.

Someone asked what was for dinner ……that was their first mistake.

Soooooo I have spent the last two days, inputting into excel, sorting, purging, pitching, preparing, recanting, remembering, listing, formulating, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, saving, filing, calculating and of course bitching.

And I just have the shell work done…now it goes to the accountant before it even graces the eyes of the dreaded taxman!.


OMG, I’m not doing this again next year, I’m going to keep up to date, daily, weekly, or monthly….

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