Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bordering on Insanity


It’s completed…not quilted but all together. I’m very happy it’s all done…what a challenge. Tons and tons of piecing, tons of matching seams and blocks and tons of borders!  This is Thimbleberries Three’s Company , light version.

I thought the borders would never end. Five borders in total, 2 skinnies, 1 small, one pieced, and a final large. After all this, I like the quilt, but don’t love it, sorry to say. Maybe I’ve just been working on it too much. I need to put it away, take it out in a couple of months and see what I think then. If I still feel the same way, we have a niece that is getting married this fall and it would be a perfect wedding gift once it’s quilted.

I do always get the quilts I give as gifts appraised so that the recipients can understand the value of the gift. The last quilt I gave as a wedding gift was appraised at $1800.00. I’m confident that this would be in the same range of value as well. It measures 98 X 100.  Considering the cost of the fabric, the hours and hours to complete it, plus the longarm quilting and batting, it probably wouldn’t even cover the cost, but it’s the pleasure that quilting brings me that is priceless.

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