Saturday, March 23, 2013

It’s always good to make use of your scraps


I had quite a few leftover strips from the Birdie Stitches BOM I had finished a few months back.  When I have a lot of co-ordinated scraps leftover I try to keep them altogether and try to use them up right away, rather than add them to my stash. It’s better put them into use while they are all together in one spot. I had enough to make this braided table runner.


I’m doing quite a bit of this type of linear quilting lately. I like the way it looks, and while it is a bit time consuming to do, it ‘s kind of refreshing rather than quilting something is the usual panto patterns.


It now has a special home in my front hall, and since it’s sort of springy looking, it will tie me over until summer comes and a summer runner will grace the entryway.

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