Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easy Peasy Cathedral Windows


This fabulous sewing fabric was the perfect jump off point for the easy peasy cathedral windows block.  Pick 2 fabrics, one light and one dark. Cut 4 squares from each fabric, 5.5 inch square each.


Start with 2 squares, one patterned and one plain.SAM_6079

Fold the patterned square in half twice and press with the iron to mark your centre.


Following the pressed folds, fold the square corners to the centre square fold forming little triangles. Press each one as you fold it over.


Repeat with all four corners.


This is what it looks like when you’re finished. All your corners fold as triangles to the centre. Give a good press.


Now lay the square you just completed , with the folded side down, onto your plain fabric square. Your plain fabric square will be right side facing up. Stitch across the centre in both directions. This is what it looks like from the front and the back.


As this edge is now on the bias, you can gently roll the bias edge over and stitch it down. It curves nicely into place.


Topstitch the edge down close to the folded edge.


This is how it looks from the front and back once finished.


Here is the finished block…Sew 4 blocks together to make a larger cathedral block…..easy peasy!

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