Sunday, March 31, 2013

I’m one scary chick


I love baking for special occasions, however best intentions do not always work out as planned. These little chicks are for Easter, however it looks more like we’re celebrating Pirate Week cause these are really scary looking chicks. They look more like creepy eyed parrots.  That was direct quote from my daughter…no creepy parrot cookies for her!


It did get better with these little bunnies, they turned out better and really do resemble bunnies. The grandsons will like these ones.


You can see I was on a rabbit kick and got carried away with these small white furry things. Hey…it’s all about the kids!


Then I went on to try my hand at Linzer cookies…with Easter themed cut-outs…these are more my style and taste…almond dough with delicious strawberry jam oozing from every crevice…yum.


Plus they look great on display.

And for the finale……….the piece de resistance.


Carrot cake with cream cheese icing….and Peeps!   num num…now I drag my exhausted _ _ _ to bed.   Maybe I did too much?

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