Friday, March 1, 2013

It’s not a Florida vacation unless Disney and Grandkids are involved


We finished up our holiday in Florida meeting our grandsons and their parents at Disney. We stayed at the Disney All Star Movie Resort  with them and spent a day at Magic Kingdom watching them at  “the happiest place on earth”.

It was exhausting…it’s been years since we have gone there with our kids and I forgot how tiring it can be to chase after little ones. Totally fun but exhausting. We watched the littlest grandson at night so Mom and Dad and the oldest grandson could get out for character dinners and special evening events at the parks.

Literally  Dear Hubby, youngest grandson and myself were in bed and done by 7pm!

From Disney we headed home through some miserable weather….torrential rain and storms in the lower states and freezing rain, wind gusts and snow in the upper states. We woke up on our final leg of the journey home to inch thick ice on the vehicle, freezing rain warnings and highway closures all the way home.  We no sooner left the hotel and a truck and house trailer jack-knifed on a ice covered bridge and closed Highway 77 completely. We followed a couple of tractor trailers that took a ramp, drove at a snails pace through the back roads and got back on the highway passed the accident scene. If not we would still be in Virginia.


Dear Hubby threatened to gag and tie me up in the back of the truck if I didn’t stop wincing and gripping the seat every 2 minutes. It was nerve racking….but we are home!  We had a wonderful vacation in Florida. Weather was wonderful, lots of quilting completed, tons of NHL games cheered at, many beaches walked upon and great  memories to remember. It is good to be home, even though I’m looking out the window as I am typing this blogpost and the ground is covered in snow and more is falling.

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