Friday, November 1, 2013

You can never have enough bling

Or so my eldest daughter thinks. She modelled the shoes and clutch she bought for her wedding day…well what’s a mother to say? SAM_8611SAM_8616

Have you ever watched those episodes of “Bridezilla” on TV, well I have and better to say nothing at this point. I just go with the flow as I’m sure she would go from O to bridezilla in less than 30 seconds if I had mentioned that within an hour of leaving the church she won’t be able to even stand, let alone dance at the reception in them. It’s not about comfort it’s about the look. They are quite pretty in a blingy  kind of way and they do really look nice on her…I just feel for her… when I know  she’s going to be in agony once the ceremony is finished. I’m going to try and get her a pair on those high fancy thong sandals to slip into for the reception. I’ll  just hide them away until that “I told you so” moment which I didn’t tell her comes and I can save the day with a pair of kick your heels up, kick ass, platform thongs.


She’s so funny…she’s excited about the church she’s getting married in. She has gone there since she was a young girl, been confirmed there, had her first communion, attended mass every chance she could, it was her school parish and she feels at home there. She says she loves that there is a really long runway aisle to walk down before she meets Kyle at the alter and my guess is she’s gonna work it all the way!

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