Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Embracing Embossing


Like most days, I have stretched myself to the max. Dear Eldest Daughter is getting married in  May and I am making the wedding invites. After a few prototypes, we agreed on a concept and got all the details finalized.  Where the problem lies…. I have offered to do a lot of the little things for her wedding. Trying to keep on track and myself organized, I compiled a list of things that need to get done.  You may think that May is a full 6 months away and there is loads of time…… but not if you saw “The List”….. I felt like Martha Stewart on crack when I looked at the 2 and 1/2 pages of tasks that need to be completed.  From invites, to vases and table decor, bouquets, place cards, menu cards, escort cards,( who the _ _ _ _ thought all this crap up) shower invites, church programs, and of course the wedding cake and bridal bouquet. That was Thursday and today is Wednesday and I’ve crossed 2 things off a list of  54 things. I’m so far behind…I’m first.  I have a plan…….somewhere, I just need to execute it. I think it was the math plan, you know the one….6 months, that works out to 24 weeks, there are 54 things on the list so that averages 2.2 things a week to complete. That will work out fine, if I don’t need clean clothes for the next 6 months and if no one in the household wants to eat, ever.  So this week  I embraced the embossing item that was on the list. I had all the wedding invites cut and printed, but they still needed to be embossed with a pretty scroll down the side. While Dear Hubby watched the hockey game, I brought up the Cuttlebug, the invites and embossed my way through 3 periods of  the Canadiens losing. But their done…both the invites and the Canadiens. 


They do look great, I’m happy, Dear Eldest Daughters happy…The only person who’s not happy is Dear Hubby…..sorry honey, pick another team!

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