Friday, November 15, 2013

Before, After and During


It started off civilized…….then went down hill faster than Roger Rabbit, on a banana skin, pushing Baby Herman's pram down the apartment steps in Toontown.  Once a quarter, the staff from Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. get together to plan the 1/4 newsletter.  Around the table are Amy, Jane, Sharon, Gloria, Liz, Sylvia and Michelle.  That’s the first pic…then Sharon disappears, Sylvia and Liz  scramble  for the last glass  of wine, Amy has to prop herself up due to the double martinis Michelle made and Gloria…well the picture is worth a thousand words.


Martha Michelle out did herself, making flavoured coffees and hot chocolates decorated with rim trim and gingerbread sprinkles….ahhhhhhhh.


Jane was photo bombing at random, Liz just plain photo-bombed (she hates her pic taken) and Jane gave a nauseating quick demo on the serger while Sylvia and I tried to pass the time doing the wave. Wow that was the best jinx Sylvia.


Gloria made the most amazing apple cheese flan for desert and totally redeemed herself after the broken glass episode mid dinner. 

Overall an awesome LMAO night and we actually did accomplish getting the newsletter in some semblance of order thanks to Amy.

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