Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Gallery of Fabric


Dear Hubby and I were on a recent road trip to Pittsburgh and on the way we stopped by Mercer to visit The Gallery of Fabric Quilt Shop. Dear Hubby makes it seem like he was doing me a favour, to go out of his way to visit a quilt shop, but I know that it was great timing for him as it was  nap time and a perfect opportunity for him to catch a few winks. Doesn’t matter how I got there, just that I did.

He found a shade tree and I found a wonderful shop filled with fabulous fabric, patterns and notions. It’s a great shop nestled in a quaint little town which also hosts a couple of nice antique shops.

Now I took my sweet time looking through all the fabric and patterns, plus had a great little chat with Sandy the owner along with her hubby Frank. When  I  sauntered back to the truck, Dear Hubby tells me he needs just a few more  snores minutes. Doesn’t take me any persuading to spend more time shopping so I headed off to the antique shops and had a nice look around there as well.


Shelves and shelves of fabric, over 5000 bolts to be exact.


Patterns a plenty and there is Sandy cutting fabric for me.


Wonderful samples in a wonderful shop on a wonderful afternoon during a wonderful get away road trip.

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