Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Going in circles



Dear daughter visited Ikea recently and brought back fabric for Dear Mom to make new tablecloths. The fabric is wonderful, 100% cotton, almost like upholstery fabric, but not quite as heavy and 60 inches wide. So perfect for round table cloths. Plus dirt cheap, I think she paid $7.99 a yard. It didn’t take too long to make them, the hardest part is getting your round shape, the serging and sewing part is really a breeze. The fabric comes folded along the center with the selvages matching, just like quilting fabric. I fold the fabric in half, lengthwise. I cut a piece of ribbon 1/2 the length of the circle diameter that I want. So in my case, I want a 60 inch round table cloth, so my ribbon is cut to 30 inches.


I anchor the ribbon with a pin into the corner of the folded fabric where all the folds meet.


I keep the ribbon taut as I move it from one end of the fabric to the other, marking the fabric with a marker as I go along.


Then I cut out, along the marked edge to form my circle.


I serge the raw edge.


Turn it under with an itty bitty hem and top stitch.


All complete and ready to put on the table.

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