Friday, August 30, 2013

I heard that train a comin….


It started with this panel and slowly turned into a complete train wreck….That’s what my poor sister- in- law is going to think when I surprise my brother with all this stuff next week.

My brother is a huge train freak  fanatic….he even has a model railroad set up in his basement…not a small setup either, about 400 square feet of train and scenery.

When I saw this panel I couldn’t resist.  I managed to get out 4 nice size place mats.


I made 4 tea towels with the leftover border print…I hate to see anything go to waste, and it was really nice with the locomotives on it.


I had a few extra pieces of matching fabric and decided I could make a matching table runner as well.


My brother’s going to love it, but my sister-r in-law is going to hate me.

I’m sure I read somewhere, you can’t really ever have too many trains…maybe it was brains and I just read  it wrong.

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