Monday, August 26, 2013

I “shutter” to think


How much work stands before me for Dear Eldest Daughter;s wedding.  She has lists and lists and the ideas go on and on. The whole theme is “Vintage”…..old shit  stuff everywhere.  They are both antique and flea market crazy people enthusiasts, so that’s where the idea came from.

She wants vintage keys and tags as the escort cards and we saw them displayed very nicely on Pinterest using shutters.

I picked up these not so old and vintage looking ones from the Restore and thought, I can age the crap out of these myself.

After 8 cans of spray paint , first black, then primer, then heritage cream, we had the look we wanted …almost.


But wait…we’re not done yet, they don’t quite look vintage enough so let’s sand off all the paint we just put on. )(*(*^(**%*(^_*_)*&)(*.

But it’s all worth it cause Dear Eldest Daughter says…”oh they look amazing, this is gonna be the best wedding ever”


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