Thursday, August 29, 2013

A maze of Labyrinths


What a fun class this was to teach at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. I had a full class for Labyrinth and the ladies did fabulous of course. Kathy and Francis’s are beautiful…Kathy’s is a lap size and she want to display it on her table. Francis is making a king in manly fabrics.


I love Lenore’s…a mix of Stonehenge and batiks…awesome, it will be a wedding  gift.

Anna Marie’s is huge and it is all in batiks and is for her friend who lives in South Africa.


And Sweet Gloria is making this stunning black and turquoise for her son……WTF….stands for What’s that fabric!  Gloria, is that a piece of fabric hanging off both sides of that border you just sewed on!*_)!#*(&$_)*!+($_!_.  Did she actually think I would not notice.  Is that what I taught you in beginners?  Get picking!  And yes you can see that from a moving train!

I thought I would have a stroke…..needless to say, she promises that she remembers now and will never do that again.

My job is done.

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