Monday, January 28, 2013

Yummy in my Tummy

This all started with my sister….she bought me this little purple thing…a cupcake corer. You make your cupcakes, push the corer into the center of your cake, pull it out, then push on the  handle. Out comes the cupcake centre, leaving you a wonderful little hole to fill with goodness.
Enter marshmallow crème…
Put the little cupcake lids back on…hiding your surprise filling
Decorate and voila!  Yummy in my tummy
These were for my son’s 19th birthday..I know they are a little juvenile but he did get the humour in the car and stop light wraps.
You see we have this thing….ever since I retired 3 years ago, I don’t have a car…..
I had a car, it was mine, I liked it, liked driving it. About that same time, said son got his driver’s licence, and it seems he liked my car too….now I hardly ever have my car, said son thinks it’s his.
Not that I mind, it would only be sitting in the drive most of the time, and he’s a good driver, works hard at school and his part time job and well he’s the baby and you know, they’re always spoiled!
He always laughs when I ask him if I can borrow my car!  He better remember this when they put me in the home.
The other little goodies on the cupcakes…the lion and Elmo were for the benefit of the grandsons as they came to celebrate his birthday too.

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