Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reality Check


Well we have arrived in Orlando and are staying at the Sheraton Orlando North. Dear Hubby is playing in the Guns and Hoses Annual Hockey Tournament. Dear Hubby is a retired officer but still partakes in hockey…..of any kind.  This is the second year I’ve come with him…not too hard to be persuaded to travel to Florida even when there is hockey involved.


What makes it even better is that there are literally hundreds of firemen and officers partaking with Dear Hubby.  Almost all are considerably younger. Dear Hubby is a die hard.

So I did get a major reality check while we were here. After one of the games we decided to head back to the hotel and go down to the pool and hot tub.  Dear Hubby and I are in the hot tub when we are invaded by tons of firemen and officers from the tournament who have the same idea.  A quiet  couple of hours in the sun, soaking it all up in the hot tub. Suddenly the hot tub is filling up with about 20 perfect specimens of  eye candy….yep pure eye candy, all naked from the waist up. 

Now I’m in my late 50’s, but I’m not dead!  These guys were definitely gorgeous, definitely eye candy, so sweet that I’m sure I now have diabetes from just being in the same hot tub with them all!

Half the Annual Firemen’s Calendar was in that hot tub with Dear Hubby and I.  Mr. January, Mr. March, Mr. September for sure. At one point Dear Hubby nudges me and says “Did you hear me?”….sorry hun, did you say something?  I was mesmerized.

A few of the fellows started talking to Dear Hubby and I, asking where we were from, talking about our kids and family, kibitzing back and forth. Dear Hubby and I got out after a bit, sat and  dried off then started to leave when one of these delicious specimens yells..“Hey Mom and Dad, you’re not going already are you?….The music's not too loud is it?…come on stay and have a beer!”

OMG…MOM AND DAD?…that was a definite reality check….I guess I  just don’t see myself as being in my late 50’s but obviously others do.

If that’s not bad enough, the next day I’m at the arena, waiting for Dear Hubby’s game to start and a delicious specimen come in with all his hockey gear and I open and hold the door for him.  As he’s going through he says……”Thanks Ma’am”  


That’s it!….I’m looking into one of those mini facelifts they advertise, I’m just going to have a few hundred wrinkles removed.

Definately a reality check!

Thank god for Dear Hubby, he’s still my Mr. January, Mr. February, Mr. March, Mr. April, Mr. May……….



  1. I just happened upon your post... I live a few miles from that hotel. If you're still in Maitland, be sure to check out The Sewing Studio. Its less than 3 miles directly east of you. Look it up...the largest indie shop in Fl !

  2. LOL...I was just there, I have pics and will share soon. You're right, it was wonderful!