Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Creative Pay it Forward

"2013 Creative-Pay-It-Forward: the first five people to comment below will receive something from me within the calendar year. Your gift will be a surprise and will arrive without warning. The catch? You must post this invitation on your blog, as well.Ready? Go!"

So, here is what I would like you to do:
1. Comment below that you would like to receive something from me within 2013.
2. Also, write in your comment the name of your blog so that I can learn something about you. 
3. Then go and post this invitation on your blog so that you can pay your creative abilities forward!
3. Finally, email me your full name and address for mailing your gift.


MAKE BELIEVE…That`s the name of this original oil painting that I am the proud owner of….courtesy of my amazing mom. My dear MOM is 86 and is an incredible artist. I loved this painting from the minute I saw it. I could imagine this little girl making believe that she was someone else, or somewhere else.  My mom is so funny…if  a family member comments that they like something, whether it`s a painting, or a piece of furniture or some keepsake…she gets out her stickers, writes the person`s name on it and sticks it on the back of the item….OMG…too funny. Her wish is that after she goes…(not sure where she is going)…that the item will make it`s way to that person.

No sticker on this one…I mentioned how much I loved it and she wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday….got to love her.




  2. I love log cabins and can't wait to see more! My blog is but I don't blog much as I still have a thriving interior decorating business. I will post the info on my blog later today as I"m off and running already.