Friday, January 4, 2013

Hooked on Crochet


Listen….I don’t crochet…I meant it…I  really don’t…but I happened to be away with my sister in law before Christmas and she does crochet. I took a few balls of wool and my crochet hooks with me in case the urge struck me while my sister in law was there to supervise and teach… low and behold…….it did. I made 5 curly scarves while away, another 4 when I got home and it is safe to say I have turned into the Happy Hooker.

My daughter’s wedding was a few years back and her theme for the wedding was “Love is Brewing”. Centerpieces were teapots with flower arrangements in them…..where am I going with this? Well, I had about 6 teapots left over from the event and thought it would be nice to do something with them as they are your basic white, run of the mill teapots. I had some extra wool, my crochet hooks and the internet to search out patterns.  Surely to goodness, I thought,  I can make a few tea cozies to accentuate these little babies.

I used the patterns as a basis, as when I used the exact pattern the cozies were way to big. I must have ripped out my work at least 5 times. Here is my little lemon yellow tea cozie. I thought it might be nice to give as a gift with lemon tea, a tea towel embroidered with lemons and a few other little goodies in yellow shades tucked all together.



Listen, I don’t crochet….it’s just a few double crochet , half double crochet put together in rows….

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