Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I’m moving to Happyville!


Finally, finally finished my House hunting BOM….What got me going?….my Log Cabin Group students. I was teaching a log cabin class at Kindred Sprits Quilt Co. and took a few sample log cabins from my repertoire to show them. Since this one was not completed, I just took the centre block of log cabins that I had sewn together. Once I took it out to show them…I was so ashamed it was not completely finished inspired to get it together and quilted. 

Plus one of my resolutions for 2013, was that I would finish up some of my UFO’s…not all…some I said… as I would never be able to accomplish that in a year, let alone a lifetime. 

So she’s done….and so cute. Now I just need a girl grandbaby to gift it to.


The backing was an absolute miraculous find…little houses all in a row with the saying…” My heart always comes home to you”, plus it was in the perfect matching colors for the front of the quilt, plus it had little houses all over it, plus it was only $3.00 a meter. OMG MIRACULOUS!

I’m so happy I finished it, it’s such a happy quilt and every time I look at it I smile….isn’t that what quilting should be all about.