Friday, October 1, 2010

NYC Trip....Martha

OMG, There's me at Chelsea Studios in NYC, with Martha.....I love Martha, I'm her biggest fan. Don't get excited, cause that's as close as I got to her. I entered the web thingy and tried to get tickets for the week we were going to be there. You were suppose to get a response about 3 weeks before the show date you had picked...and of course we got no e-mail telling us we were selected. The website also said that you had a good chance of getting standby tickets if you arrived the days of taping by 8am. Before we left on the trip, I checked the website and it indicated that she taped on Thursdays. On the Thursday morning I got my hubby up at 6:30am, we were showered, dressed and on the subway from Brooklyn by 7:15. We walked over to the studio and were there by 7:45, and I thought OMG this is great, were bound to get hubby says "look no line up yet so that's good". Not knowing exactly where to stand in line, cause there wasn't one, we asked a fellow that was near the studio entrance. He looked at me as if I had 2 heads..."she doesn't tape today, she taped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week"...........!_#$^&@*_~@&^~^# So this was as close as I got to Martha.

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