Thursday, September 30, 2010

NYC trip ....Memorial Art Quilt

We visited NYC last week and this was our second trip to the World Trade Centre site. The last time, St. Paul's Chapel was closed to the public, however they have now opened it and it holds many of the tributes to the victims of 911.
This is a memorial art quilt by Deborah Fell. The quilt is in response to the horrible events that changed the United States forever . It's an abstract image of the toppled WTC towers. The rubble below are photographic transfers of articles, headlines and photographs. It is organized with chaos reigning everywhere. The quilt is unfinished, batting exposed and charred and threads are not trimmed, reflecting the vast number of lives that were so unfinished when the WTC was destroyed. It was dedicated to all the victims of the WTC collapse.
It was surreal to walk through the chapel, remembering that horrific day, reading the memorials of loved ones. You couldn't help but cry, it was eerily quiet and all the memories of that day came rushing back. The quilt really showed the horror what had transpired.

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