Friday, September 10, 2010

Ladder Safety?

Did you know that there are actual safety rules for the use of ladders? I thought that I should make sure my ladder fit the bill, can never be too careful you I went through the ladder safety checklist

•Make sure the ladder is suited for the type of job you plan to do. Household ladders are for light-duty with a load capacity of 200 pounds -Yes it's suited, quilt only weights at the max 20 pounds
•Before using a ladder, especially a ladder that has been stored in the garage for a while, inspect it for cracks or broken joints - Yep did that, it painted up beautifully
•Place your ladder on a stable, even, flat surface. Never place a ladder on top of another object -Yes, it's on a flat surface, how much flatter can you get than a wall?
•Use the 1:4 ratio to ensure a stable working platform. Place the base of the ladder 1 foot away of whatever it leans against for every 4 feet of height to the point where the ladder contacts at the top -yada, yada, yada, 4 to 1, it's gonna look great
•If climbing onto another surface, make sure the ladder extends at least three feet past the platform you're climbing onto -Sounds like you have to be a math whiz, so obviously that won't apply
•Secure tall ladders by lashing or fastening the ladder to prevent movement -Yep, secured with plugs and hooks
•Always face the ladder when climbing or descending -you bet ya, every time I go up or down the stairs I take a peak at that beauty
•Keep both feet on the ladder - never put one foot on a rung and the other foot on a different surface - not feet but eyes, so I guess that applies
•Never leave ladders unattended - kids love them... I have a small sign posted that says "unattended children will be eaten" so that should cover that!

I found this old wooden ladder at a barn sale when I was visiting my sister up near Tweed, she lives on a farm in the country. I think I paid about $15 for it. Brought it home, painted it barn red and found the perfect place to hang it and one of my favorite quilts.


  1. I like the idea of a ladder to put the quilts on. Hint to my husband coming. Love your quilts.