Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Susie Q Quilts

This is my friend Susan's first quilt. I think she did amazing. What is even more amazing is that Sue struggles with MS so quilting can be a challenge. The funny thing is that I tried to get Sue to quilt months before she accomplished this beauty. I took her to a class with me and she was very frustrated and just couldn't grasp the cutting or piecing. I felt really bad and encouraged her to try again, but she just wouldn't agree. Months went by when she finally said "come over and see my quilt". I was shocked...she had on her own, signed up for a beginners class, gone faithfully and completed, with precision, her first quilt. There is no stopping her now. I have recently long armed 4 more for her and they are all beautiful. Her points are perfect and they are wonderfully square. The quilting has been great therapy for her as she battles her MS and
I am so proud of what she has accomplished.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt. Your friend does right to look happy, her work is amazing.

  2. Without my friend Leslie's encouragement and friendship I wouldn't be quilting today. She is always there for me. A true friend!!!! Thank you Leslie.

  3. Now I had to make a blog to send a comment. The work you make me do!!!ha! Check my blog name.