Friday, October 29, 2010

Never met a cupcake I didn't like

These are some of the cupcakes I made for my grandson Ayden's 1st birthday party. Rather than have a cake, my daughter asked if I could make cupcakes. They were easy and simple and looked great at the party. The kids thought they were wonderful and everyone had a few laughs as well. The mummy ones are quite simple, just frost your cupcakes with chocolate icing then using a flat edge piping tip, pipe white icing over the chocolate using long strokes. Leave holes for the eyes and mouth. The eyes are piped with blue icing dotted with black. So simple but such a great hit. The spider webs are just orange frosted cupcakes. You make four circles of black icing starting at the center and working out to your largest one. Take a toothpick and pull through the icing eight times, evenly around the cupcake. Top with a spider made out of a sugared jube candy, legs are made from licorice strings cut up. The eyes are of royal icing. Skeletons are fairly simple, but take some prep before hand. Use 3 yogurt covered pretzels for each and with a sucker stick placed through the back of each pretzel, royal ice the stick in place . Lay them out on a parchment sheets til they dry completely. With an edible icing pen, draw your faces on a large marshmallow and stick onto the end of the sucker stick. Holding upright poke your sticker stick into your iced cupcake and voila....

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