Saturday, January 18, 2014

No diddle daddle…ling

With this newest BOM from Quilt Doodle Doodles….
I absolutely love snowmen…and I couldn’t wait to start this newest BOM called Quilt Doodle BOM 2014. Cindy’s blog is wonderful and she has been so generous offering this adorable BOM for 2014.  You can find her blog and information about the BOM here http:/ 
I was really lucky to pull the fabric needed from my stash….which is always a bonus. Can’t wait to see next month’s block!

Friday, January 17, 2014


In St.Lucia…..Dear Hubby and I decided at the last minute to join our daughter, her hubby and our grandsons in St Lucia for a bit of R&R. We didn’t let them know we were coming, just surprised them at the airport….awesome!


We have been having a blast the last 5 days and today Dear Hubby and I both had spa treatments at Kai Mer Spa. I opted for the Detox Mud Wrap and Dear Hubby had his first pedicure…ever.


So I am laying there,on my back wrapped up like a mummy, hands at my sides, one layer of plastic wrap, one layer of tarp, one layer of towelling and another layer of plastic…all after being lathered with mud infused with lavender… she says it will get warm as the mud starts to work with my body heat …..the spa therapist asked me if I get Closter phobic and of course I say no…I’m in a large room, laying on a table on my back , the sea crashing against the rocks just outside the open windows, what’s to be Closter phobic, it’s not like I’m in a closet? The therapist tells me to relax and I receive a head massage…..I’m in heaven….she covers my eyes with what feels like cucumbers…I can hear the ocean, the room is still and quiet…I think I can hear her still in the room?… but I can’t see cause of the cucumber salad…..I try to relax, I remember she says it will be about 2o minutes…*_)*_&_&_.Shit….my nose starts to itch, I feel like I’m gonna sneeze. It passes…then I feel like I have to fart…..I can’t…what if she is still in the room?…it passes. Then my chest starts to tighten….OMG…please tell me I don’t have an allergy to this mud crap….it passes….my breathing seems laboured, I feel like I’m starting to have trouble breathing….I try to stay calm…listen to the ocean, listen to the ocean….stay calm….I don’t want to freak out, it’s just a detox mud wrap, surely people have these every day…I can feel my body getting hotter, surely I’m cooked by now…..then like the touch of an angel…I feel her start to peel back the layers of mummification. Detox, my ass, I need a drink!


Dear Hubby faired better…a pedicure…I asked the girl if they had a belt sander…she just looked at me oddly. Even odder when I told her I’d like to pick out his colors. He had to have something that matched his Montreal Canadians swimsuit….He would only agree to the color if I assured him I had polish remover at home, so that he could get it off before he goes to hockey on Monday.

He said that he would never live this down at home…I said a true man is in touch with his feminine side….he gave me that look and said…I DON’T HAVE A FEMINE SIDE!…I NEED A BEER….

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Wedding Quilt


Dear Eldest Daughter gets married in May and I let the happy couple pick out a quilt for their wedding from my small stash…..This is the quilt they chose…. Thimbleberries’ 2007 House and Garden Block of the Month . It was completely finished, however not long armed.

As I was quilting it, I was thinking how appropriate the quilt actually was for their wedding….the hearts symbolizing love, the house…they have just purchased their first, the tulips…which will be in season when they are married in May… all seemed so perfect….Awesome.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The jelly roll that wouldn’t quit


Boy did I get a lot of mileage out of a jelly roll. Let’s see…Dear sister in law made a log cabin quilt, I made little log cabin block and still had enough to make a braided runner. 

What really happened was I ran out of fabric in Grand Cayman and was using whatever I could find to feed my addiction.

Once my sister in law had finished her quilt I devoured the leftovers and had enough to make a nice size table  runner….which went to a good home over the holidays.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mmmmmmmm Good


Bless your heart Margie…for your Raspberry Jam.

To die for with it’s yumminess, all rich with fresh raspberries, that wake up every taste bud with sweet morsels of delectability and ooey, gooey goodness as you savour its incredible flavour. And it’s good on toast too!


Don’t you just love the, cuter than a hello kitty lunchbox with a Garfield thermos in it, raspberry fabric topper. Oh Margie, thanks for the Christmas gift!

Monday, January 13, 2014



When I was in Cayman with my sister in law and I was teaching her how to quilt….there were scraps leftover…..

I took an evening and made a tiny little log cabin which finished about 6X6….just fooling around, not sure what I would end up doing with it.  When I got home, I decided to hang it in a little shadow box and give it to my sister in law for Christmas.


I used Stazon to stamp “Believe” onto the outside of the glass and miniature pegs to hang it on baker’s twine.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remember when?


You would go out and cut down your Christmas tree or get it from the Christmas tree lot at the mall before Christmas. Then you’d haul it onto the top of the car, tie it down and head home. You would see cars all over the town, heading home with trees tied on top of them.

Remember when it was real, instead of fake from an oversized box…Which by the way, have you noticed, always comes perfectly packaged…every needle and light in place. Haven’t we all tried to get that sucker back in the box it came in after Christmas?  It never….. ever….goes in the way it came out. Do you ever wonder why that is.  I try and cram, and ram, but damn….the box never looks the same. Mine always bulges, and the flaps never close down and I have to wrap two miles of packing tape around it just to get it down the stairs to the basement. I always feel like a complete loser….surely there is a way to get to fit….all logic says there is, cause it came out of it initially.  And the tree manufacturers…they know this…cause they are in business with the fellow who invented the tree bags you can buy to store your fake tree in when you can’t get it back in that box………….

I tried to reminisce back to the days of real trees by making these little tree toting vehicles……oh, those were the days…….

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Santa’s Six-pack


Dear Hubby celebrated his birthday just before Christmas…and just what do you get the guy who has everything?

Dear Hubby loves his beer and I thought it would be fun to dress up a six-pack for him, however it made more of an impression on our 4 year old grandson who kept shaking the bottles to get the googly eyes to move……

The beer bottles had to sit for 3 weeks before Dear Hubby could open any!

Friday, January 10, 2014

I zigged when I should have zagged

And lost a picture in the process…


I did have 4 pictures of all my beginner’s finished quilts, however, somehow when I loaded then erased from the camera, one of the pictures went missing….

I’m so sad as this is the first beginner class where everyone actually finished their quilts completely.

Bev…I am sorry that yours is the missing quilt…all I can tell everyone is that it was stunning!


Marion, Donna and Tricia, well done and you all did amazing.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Organization 2014


I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…..I was sick and tired of my bobbin nightmare. Threads and bobbins everywhere. They roll onto the floor, they get caught under the fabric I’m sewing, the threads never stay wrapped and more often than I want to admit….a thread has hitched a ride on my socks or pants  from the sewing room up the stairs and into the kitchen dragging behind it a 100 meter trail of worthless thread. I’ve stepped barefoot onto many a plastic projectile only to yelp and bounce in pain.  Fighting with multiple bobbins tangled together with a mish mash of knotted and matted mess, finally getting so ticked that a hack job with scissors was the only way to get a bless-ed bobbin in hand.

I bought a package of extra small pony tail elastics that fit perfectly around the bobbin sealing all those threads in place.


All organized and pretty in pink!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

P.S I love you


Finally finished my future son in law’s quilt that was a gift from my daughter to him for Christmas. I  had been stewing about the quilt, thinking it was a little loud and did not really turn out as nice as I had wanted it too. Overall it looked not bad once quilted and of course…he did love it.  I added this itty bitty P.S. I love you label onto the back of the quilt  and my daughter made sure she pointed it out to him. Even though I made it, he was delighted that she went to such trouble to give him such a perfect gift for Christmas.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Time Quilter

This is the finished beauty that my sister in law made while we were on vacation together. I am amazed at how wonderfully MaryLynn did considering she had never quilted before.
It turned out perfect and she’s hooked….she already has picked up more fabric to start a second quilt…..welcome to the quilting passion Sew Sister.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ready for Next Year


Dear Eldest daughter and her future hubby are all ready for next Christmas with their own themed stockings. They have bought a home and are getting married in May but have literally nothing. No furniture, no housewares….yet. It felt good to get sewing and whip up these stockings.

Becky got a stylish boot with themed chicken fabric….she wants to start raising chickens for eggs when they move into their rural property. Kyle got a traditional shaped tractor themed stocking, perfect for the fellow that owns his own tractor and farms on his days off.


No couple should start off a new marriage and life together without Christmas stockings!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cheese Please


I should really get a job….I spend far too much time farting around with stuff, too much time on Pinterest and too much time mimicking Martha Stewart.

Think of all the quilting I could get done if I’d stop baking, crafting and pinning.


I can honestly tell you that not everything turns out as planned…lots of things are a FAIL.  I should start showing those, but I’d need a whole new blog!

These were super simple to make and they do look quite inviting. Little cheese ball pinecones. Simply shape a store bought cheese ball into the shape of a pinecone, then layer the shape with whole pecans.

You’ll have them saying “Cheese Please”.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bite Me!


That’s what I should have told my son in law…..however I’m nice.  I really had no intention of doing Christmas cookies for the holidays. It was the day before Christmas Eve and he was over visiting with the grandkids…..he was looking around in the kitchen, then finally came out and asked where the sugar cookies were. I felt a little guilty telling him I decided not to bake this year only to have him tell me he loves my sugar cookies and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Oh the guilt we can feel as mothers!

The next day I got out my sugar cookie recipe, and a new set of cookie cutters that I had bought with good intentions….


So Christmas Eve I’m baking up Gingerbread Boys with missing limbs!

They were cute…..and I love the little frowns. Dear Son in Law got a whole box of half eaten treats…


Friday, January 3, 2014

Cold enough to freeze an igloo


We had lots of celebrating this Christmas at our house. Lots of company, lots of food, lots of baking and goodies. I am very thankful that our power outage was short lived compared to so many families that went days and days without heat and power over the holidays. Our power was only off for about 6 hours. It was cold enough in the garage to keep this little igloo frozen till served on Christmas day.


It’s made by moulding your typical rice krispies squares recipe in a bowl for the base and then rolling a smaller piece for the entrance. Once set, you smother the whole igloo in cool whip. I was lucky to find a cute penguin during one of my shopping frenzy days and he is a perfect addition. The pictures of the ice glistened trees are taken from our back deck.