Saturday, March 21, 2015

Movin On

Gosh life can get hectic.....with kids, hubbies, parents, grandkids, cooking, cleaning, and quilting....
blogging adds another dimension of things that take moments of our precious time. I have enjoyed blogging, your comments and all the positive feedback you have shared with me. However I struggle to balance time constraints vs all the things I want to do and want to get done. So something's gotta give and that happens to be the blog. 
It's not that I won't be posting my projects, your projects and other goodies...I'm just trying to simplify things and will be posting to pinterest as an alternative. It will be virtually the same, without the commentary......never thought I would be at a loss for words, however this avenue works better for me, lifestyle wise. 

The blog will continue to stay open on the site so you can always go back and look at projects that were posted there. 
Keep on quilting!