Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let’s be Subtle


Well let’s talk about being subtle, but let’s also talk about laughing MFAO.

So today is my birthday, and under normal circumstances, up until today, I have not been troubled much by aging. I’ve taken it in my stride, thinking I’m looking not bad for 59…..

*_)!*_*_&$_!*$_*_!(_#(!_#(!_#(….. well that was until today.

Dear Darling Mother is in Cayman on a 3 week vacation with my sister, visiting Dear Uncle, and she left my birthday present with my son to give me on the special day…today.

How sweet, I think, as I open the package, reading the lovely card, then reaching into the depths of the pretty birthday bag to retrieve, not 1 but 2 larger than life boxes of  RIVITALIFT. One for daytime and one for nightime….

Now is that subtle or what? Dear mother rarely says anything with regards to my looks…she often will say…”you look so nice with your hair cut short”, that’s her being subtle and hinting  she wants me to get it cut.

Once when I was debating buying a funky new shirt when we were together shopping, she looked at me and said “ are you on your period?”,that was subtle wasn’t it,  needless to say, that shirt did not come home with me.

Dear mother can be so subtle, as with the gift today, just a subtle hint that the grand canyon crevices that I proudly wear and consider more like laugh and life  lines,  I have friggin earned every one of them by the way, (half of them are from her), now need to be lathered and saturated twice a day.

Like I have time for that.

At least I have a few weeks to think of a way to thank her for the gift.

By the way on the box it states that in one week 72% of women saw skins' overall appearance visibly improve, in 4 weeks, 72% of women saw improved skin elasticity, and 76% of women saw smoother looking skin.

First….I’d like to know what happened to the other poor 28% of women? Did their skin worsen? Did they commit suicide?

I’m hoping that I’m in the 72% range and that Dear Mother won’t recognize me when she gets home!


Bless her heart!