Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is it Spring Yet?


This quilt makes me feel like it’s just around the corner. I had worked hard to get all the log cabin blocks of this quilt done, quite some time ago. The fabric came from an original stash when watercolour quilts were popular. Do you remember those days?  That’s how long I’d had that fabric stashed away for. Tons of 1/4 yard pieces of floral, every color and flower imaginable.

The watercolour phase came and went, but the fabric still remained. I always have such good intentions.  While reviewing Pinterest one day, I came across a log cabin quilt that someone had made using multiple floral and the inspiration for this quilt was born.

It has been finished for months, but not quilted. With 2015 upon us, I thought perhaps it was a good time to finish it and get it on the bed.


Even getting it on the machine proved to be a challenge as I got distracted looking for the binding and extra blocks I was sure I had tucked away. I must have wasted 1/2 a day going through boxes, cupboards and drawers looking for it.

In the end I gave up and gave in to making new binding. As I had no more yellow left from the quilt I opted to sew strips of floral together, cut them on the bias and make a pieced floral border.  I figured that while I was using bias binding, why not change my quilt up and curve the corners as well, which I had never done before.  Turned out well, and I just might do that again with more quilts.


I opted to quilt it with an edge to edge called Hubby Love….

Oh and as Murphy’s Law would have it…didn’t I find the blocks and original binding while looking in a drawer today.  That’s always the way, isn’t it?

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  1. This is really pretty and I love that you curved the corners! I always find thing when I've given up and quit looking for them.