Monday, January 26, 2015

Da Dada Da



These ladies were a delight in my Beginner Class….It’s the youngest group of ladies I’ve had yet and it was great to see that quilting is for everyone.  Ashley, Diane. Kelly, Bethany and Kaley, thanks for all the fun and music you provided in class.

I hope that they will continue with quilting as they all did fabulous. There were some learnings for me as well…like I have to watch my verbs. Often I will change verbs up to describe cutting…instead of saying cut it off, I’ll substitute the cut word for trim, hack or whack. I could see something was up when I suggested that they “Whack it off” and there were a few snorts, giggles,and sign language behind me. They are the younger generation so of course “Whack it off”  takes on a totally different meaning for them.

Beautiful job of your quilts ladies.

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