Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day eh!

What a perfect finish for Canada Day. I have had this quilt 2/3’s finished for the last 10 years. I noticed it in the drawer the other day and thought….I should really finish that, I’m so close to being done, so out it came .
We visited my sister and brother- in- law the day before Canada Day and I thought it would be a nice “take” to make their day. My dear sister has been struggling with more than anyone should struggle with and I hoped that the quilt would brighten her and her husband’s day. Her husband is a huge outdoors man…hunting, fishing and all the outdoor venues, so this quilt would be perfect.
I really noticed the difference in my quilting skills from the first blocks made over ten years ago and the ones that I finished off with…wow I have improved.
The pattern is from the book All Through the Woods and the quilt is just about as big as Canada itself….80X96

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