Monday, July 14, 2014

Borrowed Batiks

Well not really borrowed…gifted is more like it.


My sister in law, Mary Lynn, a new quilter, with a definite passion for her new obsession has signed up for more classes than Libby has Beans. And I have more fabric than I will ever, ever be able to sew up in my lifetime, so I have been gifting her fabric.

She was able to make this lovely runner at her latest class from just 2.5 inch strips of batik leftovers I had stashed away.

I am so glad that someone is making good use of all the stash of fabric. I told her not to buy any more fabric until she checked what I have. I swear, the two of us could quilt to our hearts content for the next ten years, and still make no dent in the inventory.


It looks lovely MaryLynn….

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