Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say yes to the dress

Dear Eldest daughter managed to get her wedding dress after just trying on half  the store stock.
The entourage of dresses included tons of strapless which dear eldest daughter was adamant that she did not want. She is very top heavy, (where she gets that is beyond me as I am the pancake brand for  Victoria Secret), and didn’t want everything pouring out.
My 87 year old mother, myself and dear eldest daughter headed off to Mississauga and Oakville for several appointments to find the perfect dress. Most of the dresses were an automatic “ ah no!”, but there were a couple that were contenders…..but still not THE dress.
At one point my mom and I thought we would die as dear eldest daughter took a strong liking to a pimped out princess glitter ball gown that I can only describe as the “hooker of a wedding gowns”.
Mom and I were keeping our mouths shut as it s eldest daughter’s choice but I couldn’t imagine  wearing sun glasses the whole time at the church and reception. I thought my mother would have a stroke when dear eldest daughter said this might be the one…. hell no…let’s keep looking.
We headed off to the second appointment, with a specific dress style in mind. While dear eldest daughter was in the fitting room trying it on, I hear her yell from the room…”Mom, I think this is the one!”
Out she comes…..she’s crying, mom and I start crying, the sales lady is crying……and she said yes to the dress.
Can’t give you a full look at it before the wedding day, but you can get a good idea. Look at dear old Grandma with dear eldest daughter, proud as punch. I’m so happy that my mom was able to come along and share in the experience.
mom and beck

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