Monday, July 1, 2013

No wonder I fall into bed at night


These two don’t sit still for a moment!

All I wanted was a pic of them on their new quilts.

I take care of my grandsons when my daughter works and usually they are sleepovers as she works 12 hour shifts. After a whole day of daycare dilemmas I usually literally fall into bed at night…I am exhausted by the time they leave. I love them to pieces, but they are a  handful. Busy, busy, busy as they are  3 and a half and 20 months.

Daughter just bought them bunk beds and these are the matching quilts Nana made for them.


When daughter saw the quilts, she said to the oldest grandson,  “Ayden…look at your new quilt…isn’t it awesome, maybe you can sleep with it, in your own bed tonight !”…..seems that daughter and hubby have had a visitor in their bed for several months now.

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