Tuesday, July 23, 2013

“Hey Hun, What’s in the oven”



Red Velvet cakes for dear eldest daughter’s engagement party….”Don’t touch the --------stove!”…….too late.  Dear hubby opens the stove to see what’s cooking as he wants to warm up his chicken wings and in one fowl swoop of the door opening, my red velvet , almost risen, perfect creation cakes fell are now 1 inch high flat chocolate pancakes!_)*_*)@_*$@+%*!_*%+!*%+*

Lord, I have to have the patience of Job…..

I had to start all over again from scratch and re create the creations. The pancake cake in the top left corner is the ( Dear Hubby,  I’ll just open the oven door to see what’s cooking cake) and the other 2 in the pans are the redo’s from this fiasco!

And people look at me strangely when I mention putting a pillow over his face at night and holding it down.

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