Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Log Cabins in the making


The ladies in my quilted jacket class are labouring with their log cabin blocks that trim the jacket. They are small, only 3.5 X 3 inches finished plus you need a lot of them…..anywhere from 40-60 depending on your personal acreage.

Kelli, Joan, Mary, Doris, Donna and Margaret are all striping and sewing like crazy to get these little guys finished in time for the next class.


I feel their pain as I had to make them all as well for the store sample.

The original pattern had you cut each piece individually and sew them on piece by piece as well…that would have been even more painful.  I opted to teach the students Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day  method using strips which would save them much time and aggravation.  It was a good call!

Come on girls….you can do it!

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